Inspirational Cardreading

By Tamara Cramer Bornemann


At this moment Inspirational Cardreading as a Website is only available in Dutch.
When I find a good translation program the site will also be available in English.
Of course U can order a reading, use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

If you are interested in more information or having a card reading please feel free to contact me via email or Facebook.

Readings are available via e-mail.

Best regards


Inspirational Cardreading coaching tarot oracle cards by via email Enschede
  • 1 Card reading via email
    € 7,50- incl. BTW
    A single card will be pulled for your question and you will be given a brief explanation by email.
  • 3 Card reading via email
    € 14,50- incl. BTW
    I will spread 3 cards for your question and you will be given an explanation by email.
  • Other card reading
    +€ 3,10- incl. BTW
    There are many other card spreads and readings possible , think of a Celtic cross, a relationship spread and so on. These spreads are negotiable.

    Price per card is € 3,10- (from 5 cards or more, €15.50 ) incl. BTW

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